Re: MPPSFP proposal, dialogue

In the interest of short deadlines and useful dialogue, I’m going to just lay out my thoughts here, hopeful get your input and see if there is something we can move forward with.

You probably noticed that I’ve been very interested in geometric symbolism recently and the pentagram specifically, less for its specific and historic metaphysical interpretations (Occultists, ritual magic, Christians, Hermeticists, Wiccan/Neo-Pagans, Satanists, conspiracy theories, etc) but more for its overarching articulation of an interconnection between materiality and “something else.” Towards an agenda of “re-enchantment”, the pentagram seems to function as portable and democratic site for the investigation and operation of “this world”-ness and some “other,” conceptually or physically.

So, my performance proposal is the precise construction, drawing, and erasing of a pentagram on the wall of the project space.

I imagine this could be done while something else was happening in the project space simultaneously? I’m imagining the performance would be one or two people using tools to mark out the geometric construction on the wall, paint in the star & circle, and then end by obscuring the star by filling in the circle. The end result would be like a white circle on the wall.

Is that clear? Please let me know what you think about this.

Best and thanks for the invitation to contribute a proposal for this project.