Hey buds-

I wanted to put the word out with you…

A couple of months ago, Machine Project built a room inside of their main space. This room is connected to the storefront window and is about 400 square feet built out of unpainted OSB plywood. I am going to curate a series of events in the Machine Project Project Space in June and I want to know if anyone is interested in proposing something.

I’m thinking about the space as a site where a performance can double as an opening and the aftermath of the performance can be experienced in the mode of a more traditional show and also from the street as a kind of tableau. I’m using the word performance, but it’s loose… It’s just important that there are actions and changes to the space and the work during the opening event.

There are some limitations to what can happen in the space, the biggest one being that the work can only stay up in the space for a few days afterwards (maybe one week max). Also, this is short notice because the details just worked out… so that’s another limitation.

I know we’re mostly object makers, but maybe you have an idea that fits? Let me know if you’re interested and let’s talk.

Annd, I hope you’ll come out to some of the events! I have some people on deck and I can promise some weird party vibes.