“The Stars Down to Earth” @ Machine Project, July 3rd


Please join me the evening of Thursday, July 3rd, for light refreshments, a special beverage selection (curated by the Liquor Witch) and to be present for the informal—and exacting—construction of a 5-pointed star of considerable size.

Machine Project
1200-D North Alvarado Street, 90026

Thursday, July 3rd, 6–9p

“The Stars Down to Earth” is part of a series of events curated by Amy Garofano for the Machine Project Project Space for Projects:

Looking forward to seeing you!



Re: MPPSFP proposal text & image

Thanks Michael.

What time do you want to do this on the 3rd? Sunset will be a little after 8.
And do you want me to link your name to your website?


MPPSFP proposal text & image

Here’s my first pass at this. Always open to further discussion!

see you tonight…

Michael Carter and tbd

“Drawing the Stars”

Beloved of occultist, nationalists, conspiracy theorists, and celebrity watchers, Drawing the Stars will present a performative meditation on the history, interpretation and geometry of the humble, five-pointed star.


Re: MPPSFP proposal, dialogue

In the interest of short deadlines and useful dialogue, I’m going to just lay out my thoughts here, hopeful get your input and see if there is something we can move forward with.

You probably noticed that I’ve been very interested in geometric symbolism recently and the pentagram specifically, less for its specific and historic metaphysical interpretations (Occultists, ritual magic, Christians, Hermeticists, Wiccan/Neo-Pagans, Satanists, conspiracy theories, etc) but more for its overarching articulation of an interconnection between materiality and “something else.” Towards an agenda of “re-enchantment”, the pentagram seems to function as portable and democratic site for the investigation and operation of “this world”-ness and some “other,” conceptually or physically.

So, my performance proposal is the precise construction, drawing, and erasing of a pentagram on the wall of the project space.

I imagine this could be done while something else was happening in the project space simultaneously? I’m imagining the performance would be one or two people using tools to mark out the geometric construction on the wall, paint in the star & circle, and then end by obscuring the star by filling in the circle. The end result would be like a white circle on the wall.

Is that clear? Please let me know what you think about this.

Best and thanks for the invitation to contribute a proposal for this project.





Hey buds-

I wanted to put the word out with you…

A couple of months ago, Machine Project built a room inside of their main space. This room is connected to the storefront window and is about 400 square feet built out of unpainted OSB plywood. I am going to curate a series of events in the Machine Project Project Space in June and I want to know if anyone is interested in proposing something.

I’m thinking about the space as a site where a performance can double as an opening and the aftermath of the performance can be experienced in the mode of a more traditional show and also from the street as a kind of tableau. I’m using the word performance, but it’s loose… It’s just important that there are actions and changes to the space and the work during the opening event.

There are some limitations to what can happen in the space, the biggest one being that the work can only stay up in the space for a few days afterwards (maybe one week max). Also, this is short notice because the details just worked out… so that’s another limitation.

I know we’re mostly object makers, but maybe you have an idea that fits? Let me know if you’re interested and let’s talk.

Annd, I hope you’ll come out to some of the events! I have some people on deck and I can promise some weird party vibes.